Board of Directors

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Chair: John Iwanski – Chief Financial Officer of AAA Washington

Vice Chair: Scott Lumsden – Executive Presbyter, Seattle Presbytery

Jesse Bond – Partner, Bond Financial LLC

Torsten Hirche – President & Chief Executive Officer of Transforming Age

Jim Melhorn – Retired President and Chief Executive Officer of Episcopal Ministries to the Aging

Karin Miller – Retired Geriatric Social Worker

Lisa Nelson – Finance Executive and Startup Advisor

James Rand, Ph.D. – Clinical Professor, Seattle Pacific University, School of Business and Economics

Greg Russell – Partner, Peterson Russell Kelly PLLC

Mary Wagner – Retired Senior Vice President, Starbucks

Corporate Officers:
Torsten Hirche – President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael Connell – Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Board of Directors
Michele Luke – Executive Assistant, President & CEO Office & Secretary, Board of Directors