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A wide array of amenities, a wide range of activities, prompt and courteous maintenance services, and trusted, friendly staff make Eastmont special.

- Marilyn Peterson, resident since 2009

Let Us Help.

At Eastmont, we understand that you may have countless questions about senior living and the choices available to you. We also understand how important it is to have all the information needed to make the best decision. We encourage you to schedule a personalized tour and discussion, which can be invaluable, but in the meantime here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful.

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What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC?

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are retirement communities with accommodations for independent living, assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing care providing life-long health services and financial security for the residents that live there. Upon entering, health qualified residents can reside independently in single-family apartment homes. When (or if) assistance with everyday activities becomes necessary, they can move into assisted living or skilled nursing. CCRCs give residents the option to live in one community for the duration of their life, with a plan for future care if needed. CCRCs provide great levels of comfort to both the resident and their families since much of the stress of future caregiving has been removed. What a great plan for the resident, and what a wonderful gift to the family.

What makes Eastmont unique?

Eastmont is a distinct 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, Continuing Care Retirement Community founded in 1965 and provides comprehensive senior living services with the security of exceptional health care while giving charitable service to others.

In October of 2017 Eastmont’s Board of Directors voted to affiliate with Transforming Age, a leading not-for-profit organization founded in Seattle in 1956 by the Presbyterian Church, and recognized for its focus to improve the lives of older adults through community housing, technology development, research, and advocacy.  As a national not-for-profit organization, Transforming Age continues to grow their impact by embracing affiliations with like-minded and mission-driven not-for-profit organizations. In turn, Transforming Age partners preserve their culture, independence, and not-for-profit identities while gaining support, knowledge, research, and resources, to secure long-term sustainability.

Transforming Age and its affiliates are guided by a singular vision to “transform the perception of age” and to make life better for older adults and society.  We view aging as a declaration and an opportunity to continue to lead an independent and purposeful life.

Eastmont operates with the guidance of the Trustees Council and the support from the Eastmont Foundation under the governance of the Transforming Age board of directors.

Fees for a CCRC...what do they cover?

CCRCs require a one-time Entrance fee plus a Monthly Service Fee. When you choose a CCRC, you are making an investment in your future which allows you to:

  • Consolidate many of your current out-of-pocket expenses into one monthly fee
  • Plan for how your future long-term care costs will be paid
  • Have a plan in place to answer life’s what ifs:
    • What if you need assistance or long-term care in the future? Where will you go to get it?
    • Who can you trust to provide this care and support?
    • What will it cost and will it be available to you when you need it?
  • Take advantage of tax benefits that would otherwise not be available to you if you were not in a CCRC
  • Give yourself and your family the peace of mind of having a financial plan for your future

The Entrance Fee is a one-time fee that is paid up front. This fee is used to provide funds toward the operation of the community, as well as to be used for future costs, including your health care. Depending on the plan you choose, there are potential refunds of up to 80% on these fees when you leave the community or pass away.

Are there tax advantages to Eastmont's Life care contracts?

When you invest in Life Care, not only are you able to significantly limit the financial risk associated with the high cost of future health care services but you may also be entitled to some significant tax benefits. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes your initial entrance fee and subsequent monthly residential fees as an investment in your health care. Therefore, the year you move in you are allowed to take a percentage of your entrance fee and your accumulated residential fee as an allowable medical expense on your income tax return. Each year in January you will receive notification from Eastmont indicating what percentage of your residential fee can be classified as an allowable medical expense for the previous calendar year.

Are meals included in the fees?

One meal a day is automatically included in your inclusive monthly fee. There is also a flexible meal plan which includes 24 meals a month should you be interested.

Do you allow pets?

Yes! Eastmont is a pet friendly community that welcomes dogs, cats, domestic birds and fish. Certain restrictions do apply and pet deposit fees are required.

What if I already have Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance can be used to complement any of the contracts/agreements available at Eastmont. Please contact a sales associate to discuss your coverage and learn how your specific policy can be utilized to enhance your financial security.

Why should I leave my current home to move to a community?

There are many, but some of the top benefits are: 

  • Peace of mind of having a plan in place for the future
  • Freedom from home maintenance, housekeeping, and grounds keeping
  • Tax advantages
  • Social interaction
  • Better nutrition
  • Provide your family and friends with the security of knowing when and where you will be taken care of when the time comes
  • Financial planning

When you move to a community, you do not change your lifestyle…you change your address. A senior living community simply gives you more time to pursue your passions rather than being burdened by home maintenance, and also gives the predictability of knowing how and where your future care needs will be provided as you grow older.

What are the advantages of a CCRC over a rental community?

Generally, the benefits are:

  • CCRCs usually have all levels of care on one site assuring that you never have to worry about moving off campus if you need a higher level of care.
  • There are tax advantages associated with the CCRC/Life Care model that are not available with a rental community.
  • CCRCs (and not-for-profit) will have a benevolent care fund in place should residents ever outlive their resources and need financial assistance regardless of the level of care they are receiving. This assures that no Life Care residents will be asked to leave the community because of their inability to continue to pay their monthly fees.
  • There are usually a lot more services and amenities available and included at a CCRC than a rental community.

When is the right time to make a move? What if I'm not ready yet?

When people say “I’m not ready yet," we often ask “Not ready for what?” With spacious and modern apartment homes, moving to Eastmont is like moving to any other residence with the added benefits of housekeeping, maintenance, grounds keeping, financial planning, long term care when needed, lifelong learning, freedom to pursue your passions, healthy and nutritious meals, and more.

We suggest that people make a move while they are healthy and can make the decision and move for themselves. When maintaining your home feels like a burden, it’s time to consider your next steps. Most residents admit that they’re so glad they made the move, and many say they wish they had done it sooner.

What kind of people live in these types of communities?

One personal characteristic is usually abundantly consistent in CCRCs, individuals who choose retirement communities like Eastmont are planners. They want to know the “how, when, where, and why” of their future including long-term care. Residents in these communities are engaged, educated people who understand the benefits associated with the agreements available to them and want to put a plan in place and choose for themselves where they will enjoy life as they age.

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