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At Eastmont we have peace of mind knowing that care is here for whatever health issues we may face.

-Dean & Donna Fletcher, residents since 2008

Helping seniors maintain their independence with specialized short-term and long-term rehabilitation.

At the Eastmont Rehabilitation Center, we specialize in patients 65 and up and serve a wide range of needs including orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation; weakness, balance and mobility issues; support for prosthetic/amputees; post-pneumonia or post-COVID recovery; and after any hospitalization or injury. As a Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist, Eastmont’s Director of Rehabilitation, Mark Sunderman, PT, has advanced clinical knowledge and skills in the area of geriatrics. Mark and his team of licensed physical and occupational therapists guide and direct your journey from admission to discharge, providing an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to personalized rehabilitation.

We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the most successful outcome and remain independent with our short- and long-term rehabilitation services that include:

  • Physical Therapy: Our Physical Therapy services rebuild strength, mobility and ambulation. Our staff strives to make each personalized session enjoyable and productive.

  • Occupational Therapy: Our Occupational Therapy services assist individuals as they rebuild the skills necessary for performing activities of daily living, like dressing and cooking. Our occupational therapists will work with your family to make sure your destination following rehabilitation is safe. Our team accomplishes this by employing creative adaptations and supportive equipment.

  • Speech Therapy: Speech Therapy helps individuals regain speech and language skills, as well as other oral-motor skills. Speech and Language Pathology professionals address receptive and expressive language deficits and focus on nutrition, hydration, and safe swallowing techniques related to specific medical conditions.

Our Facility

Our rehabilitation center is a Medicare-approved 23-bed nursing facility licensed by the state of Nebraska. Located on the fifth floor of our Springfield building, it features large windows, private rooms and its own well-appointed dining room. While staying in our rehab center, you have the following provided at no additional cost: 

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments in Lincoln.
  • Extended basic cable.
  • Local phone service.
  • Free on campus WiFi for you and your family.
  • The use of tablets to meet virtually with friends and family.

Dining and Activities

Along with therapy services and comfortable living accommodations, residents in our rehab facility are provided with three meals a day, with accommodations for special diets. We know proper nutrition and enjoyable meals are a key component to maintaining your health and strength during rehabilitation - that's why each resident receives personal attention and service in the rehab dining room.

Rehabilitation residents can also enjoy the many services and amenities of the greater Eastmont community. Our creative and compassionate team organizes many diverse and interesting activities for residents' enjoyment.

To learn more about rehab services at Eastmont, call us at (402) 235-5701 or complete our contact form.

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Have a question or need information? Call (402) 235-5701 or fill-out form below:

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