Assisted Living: It’s a personal choice!

Assisted Living: It’s a personal choice!

Assisted Living: It’s a personal choice!

As we get older, physical abilities change and that can become a roadblock from living a full and independent life. Taking trips, making appointments and doing chores can become a daunting task when tackled alone. The good news is: you don’t have to sacrifice independence. There are many ways to solve these problems and assisted living is one of them.

Assisted living is a bit of a misnomer because having the help of an experienced assisted living team actually leads to increased independence. Life is much more enjoyable in a home with amenities that enrich life, safety features and services such as transportation and dining that give you the freedom to enjoy life on your terms. Whether you need a little help or a lot, it’s there for you around the clock.



For some people, exploring assisted living can feel like you are losing control. On the contrary, self-actualized people who like to control their own destiny usually start searching much earlier than they actually need service. That’s because they want to choose their own community, set up their own apartment home and be free to engage in life rather than worry about their future.

To learn if assisted living is right for you, ask yourself a few questions. Do you need more help at home than your family and friends can provide? Has getting around and general mobility become challenging? Are making doctor’s appointments, filling prescriptions and taking medications getting complicated and feeling a little stressful? Are you having trouble managing household chores everyday like laundry or keeping things tidy? If any of these issues speak to you; you would most likely benefit from the specialized services that an assisted living community can offer. The next step is researching and finding the right place for you.

Indeed for many, asking for support can be difficult and downsizing your life seems challenging. Communities that cater to the later generations understand this and are a fantastic resource at your fingertips. So call on them!

Ask for help finding storage and moving services and even downsizing professionals who can help with the entire process.

Care professionals at assisted living communities can even help you look after a pet during the move and explain your choice with loved ones. These are all methods to minimize stress during a move. Helping you feel supported and confident is their mission!


If you want to just dip your feet in the water, there are many free educational seminars that can tell you more about assisted living options offered at many communities. If you would like to learn more about specific sites, schedule a consultation. Ask as many questions as possible and go see a few different campuses. After all, this is your life!

On-site visits are the best way to decide if a community’s amenities suit your needs. Make a list of your physical and health needs and check them off one-by-one. For example: Are the hallways and elevators convenient for wheelchair and walker use? What are the transportation services and how do they fit into your schedule? Is the medical staff available 24 hours a day? Are they pet-friendly? Questions like these will help you find the right home

Once you find a place that’s a good fit, you’ll discover a whole new world, living with peers and making new friends. Assisted living communities are a great resource of like-minded people with many social clubs, entertainment outings and new people for engaging conversation. And it’s a lot easier to enjoy every day when you are confident that you’re safe and your needs are being met. In fact most people experience elevated health and well being after moving into an assisted living apartment.

Starting a new chapter in life is exciting. With the help of a caring and professional team it can be a piece of cake!

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