Concerns When Moving a Loved One to an Assisted Living Facility?

Concerns When Moving a Loved One to an Assisted Living Facility?

Concerns When Moving a Loved One to an Assisted Living Facility?

In spite of the reality that more and more seniors are moving to assisted living centers year by year, there are several concerns, or probably misconceptions, that many people have when it comes to shift an elderly parent to an assisted living community. Unfortunately, such misconceptions sometimes cause keeping people away from the great services that could help seniors enjoy a great independent life filled with events, activities, fun and fabulous friends.

Here are some important concerns people generally have when it’s time to move to assisted living:



Worry about loss of independence is an important reason why many people are not willing to move to an assisted living community. But the reality is that assisted living residents can enjoy independence at the facility as long as it’s safe. In assisted living, residents can live in apartments just like living in their own home. But at the same time, they have instant access to various services as and when they need them, such as housekeeping, maintenance works, and help from a care manager. Another advantage is that assisted living centers won’t allow the residents to do something that could be unsafe. For example, some residents might not get permission to keep or use things like microwaves or toaster ovens in their apartment unit due to the chance of fire. In such cases, the residents can use those appliances in the common area.


Privacy does not mean the same for everyone. For many people, assisted living facilities offer more privacy than their own home as nobody is lingering around to ask for their assistance. But you will get assistance whenever you need it. You can live in your apartment without any disturbance and with your own private phone and television. Though the staff members have access to all apartments for safety purpose, they have to get permission from the residents to enter.


Assisted living provides the seniors with more freedom because the residents can give up cooking and grocery shopping. However, some people are unwilling to move into an assisted living center because they believe they would be served awful food. But good assisted living facilities provide fresh, well-prepared and healthy food depending on the nutritional requirement of each resident. At the same time, the residents themselves are allowed to cook some food in their apartment unit if they want.


All of us know it becomes hard to entertain as people age. Elderly people may not be able to cook, drive or visit their friends. But assisted living offers you a homelike setting where you can invite your loved ones and friends for dinner, a concert, or a birthday party. Actually, most of the activities offered by the assisted living communities are open to family and friends. Good communities will even arrange transportation for you to visit relatives and friends.