The Neighborhood

Our walkable neighborhood awaits.

On Capitol Hill, the best of Seattle is right outside your door. Enjoy retail shops, cafes, a wonderful bakery, and the finest of medical care. In fact, the walkability score at Fred Lind Manor is 95 out of 100. That’s huge! It means you’ll have excellent assisted living care while also being close to all the services you love just steps away.

And even though it’s an urban neighborhood, you’ll see lots of green, too. The streets surrounding Fred Lind Manor are lined with gorgeous maple trees that deliver an all-year show of color, from the bright green of spring to the beautiful yellows and reds of fall.

Here’s a list of just some of the important neighborhood amenities and nearby hot spots:

Dining & Cafes

Grocery Stores

Medical Care

Spiritual Resources

Green Spaces

Art Museums

Want more? So many other attractions are just a stone’s throw from Fred Lind, including major theater venues and sports stadiums. Everything Seattle has to offer is right there when you want it. So come and get it!

It’s Your Community
It’s nice to come home to people you know and love. That’s how the residents at Fred Lind feel every day because they form bonds with their neighbors and the people who work here. And frankly, it just feels like home.

Lingering card games in the sun, group meetings, fun events—it’s another world right in the heart of the city, your world. It’s slower-paced, secluded and welcoming, yet exciting whenever you get the urge.

Then there’s the energy here, so light and happy. Residents say they feel like they really belong to the Fred Lind family. That’s because we are a group of like-minded people who enjoy the benefits of a private community, with Seattle just a short walk away.

Experience the Best Assisted Living Community on Capitol Hill—Plus a Free Lunch!

Don’t just take our word for it—come visit and see for yourself. We’ll take you on a tour of Fred Lind so that you can meet our caring and dedicated staff and learn more about the assisted living options in our community. You’ll also get the chance to connect with some of our happy residents while enjoying lunch on us!

Call us today at (206) 567-1750 to arrange your tour, or use our quick contact form to the left. We can’t wait to meet you!