Which is better for your parent as they age, home or assisted living?

Which is better for your parent as they age, home or assisted living?

Which is better for your parent as they age, home or assisted living?

For any senior, their own home is the best place to live as long as they are independent, healthy and active. The thought of moving permanently from the place where they have been living for several decades is disturbing for anyone. But you must consider moving your loved ones to an assisted living community if it can keep them safer, healthier and even happier.

When do your parents need assisted living?

Though no one is willing to move from their home into assisted living, sometimes it can be the best option to keep your parents safe and healthy. You should consider moving your parents into assisted living if they are not doing well at home. Here are the main reasons why people opt assisted living for their elderly loved ones:


Most families make the tough decision of moving a loved one into assisted living because it ensures the highest level of care for elderly people who are independent but still need some assistance with their daily tasks. Assisted living facilities treat the residents with compassion and respect. You can move your parents to a good assisted living community for making their golden years as enjoyable as possible.


Elderly people value their independence and dignity. They won’t be ready to lose their independence by moving to an old age home or a nursing home. Assisted living facilities allow the residents to maintain their independence while living in a safe environment. Assisted living is the best option for seniors who would like to live independently, but need some help with daily activities.


In assisted living, residents have plenty of opportunities to socialize with others. Seniors get enough chance to mingle with other residents through different events and activities organized by the assisted living community. By enjoying the company of other residents and maintaining a sense of connectedness to others, seniors can stay away from stress, isolation, and depression.


Assisted living provides a safe living environment for elderly people. It gives families peace of mind by ensuring that their loved ones are receiving professional care in their absence. Help is not far away in the event of a fall or an accident. Assisted living is the best option if you are worried about the safety of your parents at home.



Nutrition is very important for people at any age and especially for seniors. As people age, it becomes harder for them to shop for groceries and to prepare meals. When cooking becomes challenging for an elderly, it is better to move them into assisted living. Assisted living facilities provide the residents with healthy and nutrition-rich meals.


Transportation is often a big problem for seniors. Driving becomes difficult and getting to medical, dental or other appointments becomes dangerous. This issue can be resolved by moving the elderly to a good assisted living community. Most assisted living facilities offer transportation service for shopping, medical appointments, social and recreational outings, and visiting family and friends.