How You Can Help

Thank You

As our community grapples with COVID-19, the conversation starts with how do we take care of ourselves. And, it moves quickly to how do we take care of each other.

Seniors, people with chronic illness, care workers, and other vulnerable people are most affected by this pandemic. You are the people we serve. And, with you, we have been on the forefront of enacting preventative and protective measures. Day-health facilities were closed in early March. Work began to protect home care programs, immediately. With new precautions, critical services in senior living residences and to support families and seniors living in affordable housing continued.

You can help, even more. Here is how:

1. Practice social distancing. It’s an act of care. Together, we can avoid over-burdening our healthcare system and causing further harm. Stay home. Limit errands to essentials, no more than once per week.

2. Fight isolation. Check-in with your friends and neighbors, especially those who live alone. Make a phone call or send a card in the mail.

3. Donate, now. If you are financially secure or currently earning income. Make a donation today.

Transforming Age is a nonprofit network of organizations serving seniors and the people who love and care for them. The current, most urgent need is to support our employees, affordable housing residents, and low-income clients with emergency funds.

Thank you for being with us in keeping people healthy, connected, and out of the hospital system. And, for supporting our seniors and care workers. If you can, please, donate right now.


Kim Loveall Price
VP of Community Development, Transforming Age
Executive Director DASH

Alli Riese
Director of Development
Transforming Age and Full Life Care (interim)

P.S. You can make your gift using the form on this page, thank you! Or, mail your contribution to Transforming Age Foundation, 1980 112th Ave NE, Suite 210, Bellevue, WA, 98004.