Assisted Living that changes when you do.

Dignity, privacy and quality of life.

If you’re shopping for an assisted living community in Seattle with services that provide maximum dignity, privacy and quality of life, look no further. Parkshore’s assisted living apartments are spacious and give residents and their families complete privacy. Our abundant services will help them remain active and independent for successful aging.

To learn more about Parkshore 62+ Senior Living Community please call us at (206) 207-6746 or fill-out the contact form on this page.

Additional services whenever you need them.

If you should require services beyond those provided in our Independent Living programs, our comprehensive Assisted Living program is there to provide the additional support you need. As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, we are equipped to help in the process of navigating the continuum of care as your needs change. A specialized plan is created for each individual depending on personal requirements and levels of need.


  • Liaison Services
    Helping residents coordinate getting to and from medical appointments. It helps them maintain their independence, get medical care when they need it and also frees up family members.
  • Weekly Housekeeping and Bed Making
    Beds are made daily and fresh sheets put on each week.
  • Concierge Services
    The concierge will greet your family and guests and help you with details of living. They’re the friendly faces that welcome you when you come home!
  • Assistance with scheduling transportation
    A big factor for maintaining resident independence is the ability to get from “Point A” to “Point B” on their own terms. We help them to do just that.
  • All utilities including expanded basic cable and wireless internet included
  • Fully monitored automatic fire/smoke/heat detection, smoke evacuation and sprinkler systems
  • 24-hour emergency call and response system
  • On-site security
  • Health and wellness programs
    At Parkshore, we believe people should be living active lives physically and intellectually well into their 90’s and beyond. Past thinking has concluded that people tend to decline slowly—but we don’t accept that decline is inevitable! That’s why we’ve designed a whole new set of wellness programs to help people age as successfully as possible.
  • Personalized and tailored care plans
    At Parkshore, each person is cared for based on his or her unique needs. Simple things like sleeping patterns, personalities and personal preferences are all taken into account to make a more satisfying experience for both the resident and the caregivers. If people like to sleep until noon, that’s okay with us!
  • Chef Prepared Meals
    Residents who live in the assisted area of the community eat exactly the same food as the residents in independent living. Meals are prepared with love from locally grown foods and organics—and provide a lot of variety.
  • Cultural, social and educational enrichment activities
    There are many intellectual and creative activities that people with memory loss can participate in. At Parkshore, our approach is to work at the intellectual and interest level of each individual to ensure they are mentally engaged throughout their lifetime.

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