And Parkshore attracts a special breed of active, freedom-loving retirees.

Parkshore residents come from a variety of geographic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds, but they share a love of the Pacific Northwest and its beauty. And there is no better place to enjoy all of this than at Parkshore, Seattle’s leading independent living community.

Your Parkshore Neighbors are a welcoming group.

Parkshore residents are engaged in life, energetic and determined to make the most of their retirement years. They have created a warm and welcoming community where new residents can feel right at home. This is a community where you are given full freedom to live and fill your days as you wish.

At Parkshore, the livin’ is easy.

We provide services and amenities to make life easier so that you can focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled. Whether you take advantage of the many planned activities, prefer to explore Madison Park, or enjoy the privacy of your apartment—those of us at Parkshore are committed to making sure your home is your castle.

To learn more about Parkshore 62+ Senior Living Community please call us at (206) 207-6746 or fill-out the contact form on this page.

Our job is to provide the services that make your life as fulfilling as it can be.

    • Concierge
      The concierge will greet your family and guests and also help you with details of living. They’re a friendly face that greets you when you get home!
      • Weekly Housekeeping
        Routine housekeeping services include:
  • Bathrooms – Dusting; cleaning sinks, toilets, and vanity tops; sweep and mop floors; empty wastebaskets; clean mirror, shower, and/or tub.
  • Bedrooms – Dust open flat services and furniture; vacuum carpets; empty wastebaskets; and change flat linen.
  • Dining Area – Dust open flat surfaces and furniture; vacuum carpeted area.
  • Kitchen – Dust open flat surfaces; wipe off stove top and front with cleaner; clean counter tops and sink; empty wastebaskets; wipe off refrigerator with cleaner; sweep and mop floors.
  • Living Room – Dust open flat surfaces and furniture as directed by residents; vacuum carpeted areas; empty wastebaskets.
  • Lanai – Dust open flat surfaces and furniture directed by the resident as time permits. Mopping and vacuuming of the deck may be arranged with Housekeeping for an additional charge.
  • Windows – Window exteriors will be cleaned two times a year by a contract service. Residents can contract separately for interior window cleaning by the window cleaning vendor once the building service is complete. Advance arrangements can be coordinated by the Housekeeping department using the work order system.
  • Secure, Covered Parking
    Parkshore has secure underground parking, which means you won’t have to look for a parking space – and when you step out of your car, you are an elevator ride away from home.

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