Skyline Health Services provides a wide range of senior care services as one of Seattle’s leading assisted living communities.

Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about all levels of care including skilled nursing, assisted living, rehabilitation and memory support.

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What is the difference between Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, and Assisted Living?
  • Skilled nursing: A level of care that must comply with state and federal regulations to provide 24-hour direct skilled care.
    • Services include:
      •  Cardiac care
      •  Rehabilitation services (PT, OT and Speech Therapy)
      •  Restorative care
      •   Catheter and ostomy care
      •  24-hour assistance with transfers, dressing, eating and incontinence
      •  Wound care
      •  Restricted diets and feeding
      •  24-hour supervision with licensed nurses and nursing assistants
      •  Medication management/diabetic care
      •  Any other skilled service that requires 24-hour monitoring by licensed staff
  • Memory support: A level of care that must comply with state regulations to provide care for persons with dementia and other cognitive disorders affecting the resident’s ability to live independently even with assisted care. These persons range from “general dementia in good physical health” to “severe dementia who can no longer function without total care”. These individuals require support and supervision 24/7. These individuals cannot make their own healthcare/safety choices, and must be given prescribed medications by a licensed nurse (LPN or RN).
  • Assisted living: A level of care that must comply with state regulations to provide care that will keep residents independent and safe to live unsupervised. This level of care is for residents who are cognitively able to understand their healthcare needs and are able to participate in directing and cooperating with those assisting them with these needs.
How many nurses are available for each level of care, 24 hours a day?
  • Skilled nursing—Medicare (days and evenings)
    •  RN/LPN: One for every to 15-17 residents
    • CNA: One for every five residents
  • Skilled nursing—Non-Medicare (days and evenings)
    • RN/LPN: One for every 15-17 residents
    • CNA: One for every seven-eight residents
  • Skilled nursing—Nights (Medicare and Non-Medicare)
    • RN/LPN: One for every 15-17 residents
    • CNA: One for every 10-12 residents
  • Assisted living—Days and Evenings
    • LPN: 2
    • CNA—Memory Support: One to five-six residents
    • CNA—Non-Memory Support: 1 to 10-12 residents
  • Assisted living—Nights
    • LPN: One
    • CNA—Memory Support: One to nine residents
    • CNA—Non-Memory Support: One to 20 residents
Do you accept Medicaid?
  • Skyline does not currently have a Medicaid contract and is therefore unable to accept residents with Medicaid funding.
What kind of insurance do you accept?
  • Assisted living, memory support and long-term care in our skilled-nursing services are all on a private-pay, monthly rental system.
  • At this time in our skilled-nursing services, we accept Medicare, as well as Regence and Providence insurance, for a short-term rehab stay.
Regarding to quality of life, are there adequate activities available for residents on every floor of the Health Services sections of Skyline?
  • Yes. We believe our residents are, for the most part, very satisfied with our programming and staff. We strive to provide both scheduled group activities and one-on-one activities that are specific to a resident’s personal interests.
  • Our activities staff are always open to suggestions for new or different activities that are not currently on the schedule, in order to ensure that each resident’s needs are met.
Are special diets (e.g., soft foods) always available for residents who need them?
  • Absolutely. We provide for several diets, including:
      • Low sodium
      • Cardiac
      • Diabetic
      • Pureed
      • Mechanical soft
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate kosher dietary needs at this time.
What will my Long Term Care insurance cover at Skyline?
  • Most Long Term Care insurance policies cover care at Skyline. Be sure to review your individual contract to determine:
    • The waiting period to begin using your insurance
    • The maximum daily amount your insurance will pay
    • The maximum benefit your insurance will pay
    • Whether premiums will freeze while you are receiving services
    • Whether or not the policy includes skilled nursing, assisted living, memory support, durable medical equipment, home health, home care and hospice services
    • The requirements to receive Long Term Care services
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