At Skyline, the first thing visitors notice when they visit our skilled nursing center is how fresh and bright it is, which is in stark contrast to many others. The standard for cleanliness and care at Skyline is extremely high and we deliver the best possible conditions for both short and long-term care.

Learn more about Skilled Nursing at Skyline’s Health Services site. 

At Skyline, we have a holistic philosophy about care – caring for the whole person, body, mind and spirit. In addition to the skilled nurses who assist residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we focus on the intellectual, spiritual and emotional well-being of patients.

We assist with complex wound care, pain management, tube feeding care and intravenous therapies, to name a few. We also offer palliative and hospice care in collaboration with the hospice provider of patient and family choice.

Choosing the right skilled nursing service is an important decision. Please give us a call at (206) 407-1700, contact us online, or RSVP to an upcoming event. We’re here to help.