Dear Families, Residents & Staff;

As we have all become very accustomed to frequent COVID protocol and guideline changes from DSHS, this week is no different, and we learned some very positive news.  The Department of Social & Health Services elected to allow long-term care communities that have successfully been COVID free, have met all the requirements, and have previously been in Phase 2 to stay in said phase even though the county is showing higher positive cases of COVID.  Our advocacy group, Leading Age, has been instrumental in advocating for the social-emotional wellbeing of residents who are reeling from COVID isolation, and we are very grateful.

This is all very good news; however, we must continue to be diligent with COVID mitigation. Our number one priority is resident’s health during this time. We have successfully avoided COVID at VCC and have been diligently disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces. I ask that you as families and staff continue to fight against COVID with masking always, hand washing and using hand sanitizer frequently, and avoiding dining with those outside of your household.

Bringing residents together to socialize will bring a huge benefit for them as they are all very eager to see their friends.  Within these guidelines are protocols for dining, outdoor visits, off-campus visits, and life enrichment, etc. I’ve attached our Phase 2 outline and plan. Please review the attachment with your loved ones, and encourage them to participate in activities and dining programs, which are now available for up to 5 residents per activity.

Opening our dining room to 10 residents for each meal is the most notable change.  In order for our small operation to successfully execute this complicated process, all residents scheduled for their assigned meal will need to participate in the dining room meal unless their care plan indicates or they have made the decision to pay for room service.  For those residents who are on a meal observation care plan, their meal schedule will not be altered.  Each resident will be afforded one meal per day in the dining room and will be alerted to their assigned meal today.  We have done our best to keep like-minded residents together as best we can and are meeting with each Aspiri resident today to explain this new opportunity.  We will begin our dining room service tomorrow, Wednesday November 11th for lunch.

Salon services resume next Wednesday, November 18th.  Jan Lyell, our beautician, provides us a weekly services here at VCC, which the residents can schedule.  We do have several residents who were previously scheduled for hair care when we had to move back to Phase 1.  These residents are scheduled for next week.  If you would like to check on appointments for your loved ones, please call Carol at 206-567-4421.  Residents can pay Jan directly for her services at the time of their appointment using their trust funds or other means of payment.

Note, to families of Beardsley Memory Support, some of this information is new to you while other elements are not as memory support has varying requirements for the safe start plan.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Wendy Kleppe

Executive Director

Vashon Community Care

15333 Vashon Hwy SW

Vashon, WA 98070

P: 206-567-6140 | C: 206-321-2748 | F: 206-567-5052