Memory Supportive Living

Watching someone you love—once active and vibrant—lose their mental capacities can be frightening. Often their personalities change; they may become less social, fearful and depressed. Millions of Americans struggle with some form of cognitive impairment and are cared for by family members who may not be equipped to navigate these changes.

At VCC, we are here to help. Our memory support neighborhood offers a community-based, home-like environment—with 16 spacious studio apartments, inviting communal spaces, and a lovely, interactive garden—for people who struggle with significant memory loss. Dedicated cognitive programming, nostalgia activities, and music are a few of the activities that are part of the daily routine.

Our Memory Support Program

Along with the same daily services we provide in assisted living, memory support residents benefit from specially tailored intellectual and wellness programs designed to stimulate their minds and keep them physically strong. The cuisine is delicious and comes from the same chef’s kitchen as our assisted living neighborhood. All of this adds up to a satisfying lifestyle.

  • Connected activities through innovative technology allowing engagement, therapy, and cognitive stimulation
  • An active volunteer network of musicians, artists and committed neighbors
  • Caregivers available 24/7 who are committed to creating a peaceful environment of care
  • Music Mends Minds sing-a-longs
  • Balance and seated exercise designed for those with memory loss
  • Secure sensory garden, open 24 hours a day
  • Open communication with family members

Individualized Care

Our approach is person-centered care centered around activities that adapt to residents’ likes and dislikes in the moment as their needs demand. Our staff are trained in dementia and cognitive care-giving and are dedicated to providing a home-like routine for those who needs are greater than a family can carry. Our individualized programming attention is fundamental to everything we do. We begin by learning all that we can about a resident, working with the family to create a familiar, comfortable and engaging environment.

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to make VCC’s memory support program the best it can be. As we learn more about cognitive decline, we will evolve our offerings to ensure maximum life satisfaction to residents.

To learn more about memory loss, please refer to the following resources:

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